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Jiangmen XuHong Magnets Ltd.
Address:Muzhou Xinsha Industrial Zone,Jiangmen City, Guangdong
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Since 1980s in Taiwan, our company has been specializing in the production of a variety of magnetic products, in particular on the production of DC motor ferrite magnet watts. During this period, we have accumulated a wealth of experience on the production on Isotropic Ferrite Magnets, Ring Ferrite Magnets, Anisotropy Ferrite Magnets etc, earned a reputation and trust of lots of famous companies in Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Chinese. Jiangmen Sunny Magnet CO.,Ltd. established in October 2012, continue to engage in the production & sale on various kinds of magnetic products.

Our company has been adhering to No Best, but Better- constant self-improvement and offering high lever customer service to reflect our business philosophy-Customer First. In the spirit of co-existence and the principle of common prosperity, we would like to work together with you for a better future!

We will be take "meet customer requirements, constant improvement on work and quality, create company value“ as the purpose offering you best service.

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