September 4 thru 7, 2015
NAME:             __________________________________________  PLEASE ENCLOSE CHECK
ADDRESS:       __________________________________________   OR MONEY ORDER
TELEPHONE NUMBER:     _________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS:                      ____________________________@___________
WHAT DO YOU SELL?               _________________________________________________________________
ROW # _______   SPACE(S) # _______________   REC. # _______  ______________________________________________________________________________________________
SPACE SIZES: 10 FEET BY 20 FEET or 20x10 or 10x40 or 20x40 - PRICES WILL VARY
FACILITIES: There are no electrical hookups. Water is available, if carried by a bucket, no hoses or pipes of any kind are permitted. Restrooms are available but there are no showers. There is a dumping station for trailers and campers. Food will be available for sale from Thursday through Monday. Generators may be operated from 6 PM to 10 PM in the evening.
No pets allowed, this is a VFW Policy. Helper/Guide Dogs exempted.
No loaded weapons permitted on the grounds except law enforcement personnel or those authorized by the VFW.
SETTING UP: PAVED AREA ONLY: No pegs, spikes, nails, pipes or rods maybe driven into the pavement. Dealers may park their vehicles within the confines of their spaces. No parking on other vendors spaces. If the vehicle extends into the roadway or infringes on someone else's space you will be asked to move the vehicle to the vendor parking area. Vendor parking is available for dealers. Vehicles and tables MUST BE KEPT WITIN THE DESIGNATED BOUNDARIES OF YOUR SPACE(S). Dealers are not permitted to sell or distribute foodstuffs or cold drinks of any kind, with the exception of approved factory pre-packaged and labeled goods. No samples allowed.
DISPLAYS--- No merchandise may be displayed on the roadways.
DEALER IDENTIFICATION: When you pay you will be given two or morewrist bands which must be worn for the entire weekend for re-entry through the gates. Additional arm bands can be purchased at the gate or flea market office for $4.00 each. These bands are for gate entry only, not parking.
TOWN LICENSE: License fee is included in your space rent; one license will cover all vendors and be on file in the flea market office.
SPACES FOR THE NEXT YEAR-- Reservations for next year should be made before you leave the current show.  Spaces not renewed by November 1 will be declared vacant and reassigned to dealers on our waiting list. If you have a change of address or phone number change please let us knows so you will receive your packet for next show.
SALES TAX--You will be responsible for paying your own Virginia sales tax. Information will be provided in your packet.
RATES FOR 2015 SHOW   (This includes the Town License fee). Spaces must be paid for by August 1st.
1 Space $102.00, 2 Spaces $195.00, 3 Spaces $288.00, 4 Spaces $381.00,  5 Spaces $474.00, 6 Spaces $567.00
7 Spaces $660.00, 8 Spaces $753.00, 9 Spaces $846.00, 10 Spaces $939.00, 11 Spaces $1032.00, 12 Spaces $1125.00
Memorial Lot:1 Space $182.00, 2 Spaces $355.00, 3 Spaces $528.00, 4 Spaces $701.00, 5 spaces $874.00
NOTICE- CANCELLATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY AUGUST 1st, and will be subject to a $20 non-refundable fee per space.
Applications can be printed from our web site
and mailed along with check or money order for a minimum of $20 per space to:

Flea Market Manager
PO BOX 1952

Telephone Number 276-728-5237    e-mail address       


Vendor agrees to hold the VFW and its members harmless and free from liability and claim in the event that any item located on the rented area becomes lost, stolen, or damaged, either by human, animal or natural causes.  This is to specifically include sales inventory, vehicles, tents, tables, and any other item which the vendor places or locates on said rented area or any common area located on the VFW grounds.
                                 PLEASE INITIAL HERE WHEN YOU HAVE READ THIS _________


2015 VFW LABOR DAY FLEA MARKET UPDATE                     
               CLICK FOR TAX FORM
Hi to all vendors.
This is a reminder to all those who have not renewed for the year 2015 as well as some information on a few changes that you can expect to help make it easier to set-up and maneuver through the compound next year.
As all of you already know, the 2015 application is also being used as your Vendor Parking Pass for the show. It also contains row#, Space #, as well as Receipt #'s This is for the vehicle that you drive in every day.Vehicles parked in the Vendor area and left after set-up do not need a parking pass, since they are not moved.
Also, a reminder for all of you who have not paid your Va. Sales Tax, that October 20, 2014 is the deadline for doing so. You will also find a copy of the new L.D. Application and for those of you interested there will be a copy of the Memorial Day Application for 2016.
This year, 2015 Labor Day schedule will find that "Drop and Lock" day will be Tuesday, September 1st. You may also set up your tents that day. Vendor Tent setup Day will be Wednesday, September 2nd which will also allow you to unload, set-up, cover your stuff and not come back until Friday, if you want to.  Regular set-up day is Thursday, September 3rd. 
No Selling until Friday Morning.
On Tent Day, which will also be Gun Show Vendor Set- up Day, you will come in Gate 5, Gate 6, or Gate 7, whichever you normally come in, but you will exit a different way to go back to Vendor Parking area.
Lines will be formed as they were for 2013 with the "A", "B", "C", "D" category again. Line "A" will be for the Paved Area coming in. Once you are done you will exit Gate#1 on to West Stuart Drive (Rt. 58.) proceed to Stoplight, turn Right and Proceed back to the Church and come back into "Vendor Parking".
Line "B" will be for Rows # 1 thru 10, and will come in Gate #5. BUT, when you finish you will exit at Gate#3 on to Veterans Street, proceed down the street to West Stuart Drive (Rt. 58), turn Right and proceed to stop light,  turn right and proceed to the Church and come back in to Vendor Parking.
Line "C" will be for Rows#11 thru #25, and will come in Gate #5, as well as when you are done you will exit Gate #5 and proceed to the top of the hill to Vendor Parking.
Line "D" will be for Rows #26 through #32 and will Enter and Exit through Gate #6 and proceed back to Vendor Parking area. Vendors coming in Gate#7 will enter and exit Gate#7.
When the Flea Market begins on Friday Morning, Vendors coming in will immediately go into Vendor Parking, unless they have more merchandise to take to their spaces. The Gates, 5, 6, and 7 will be opened at 5:00 am for Vendors only to get their stuff in place and have their vehicles back to Vendor Parking prior to 7:00am.Otherwise you will exit the entry road directly into Vendor Parking, not down the main road. This will eliminate further congestion, I hope.
Of Course all personnel coming in Gate 7 will enter as well as exit Gate 7.
All Vendors with campers or Rv's will park on the Hill on the Howlett Street side as you did last year.

Vendors on the pavement will exit Gate 1, proceed to the stoplight and turn right on Rt#52, proceed to the Baptist Church and back in to Vendor Parking.
Vendors in Rows 1 through 10 will exit Gate 3, proceed down to Rt.# 58, turn right and proceed to the stoplight, turn right and proceed to the Baptist Church , turn in and proceed to Vendor Parkin.
Vendors in Rows 11 through 25 will enter and exit Gate 5.
Vendors in Rows 26 through 32 will enter and exit Gate 6.
Vendors who drop and lock should notify the Flea Market Manager that they will do so.